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RECLAMATION (ESTERDAD), Iranian War Drama Filmed & Screened In Moscow

We didn’t expect this production in Moscow could have been so complicated. After 8 weeks of hectic pre-production, in late-January 2012 the Iranian crew of 25 from Teheran-based Farabi Cinema Foundation arrived in Moscow – just in the most dramatic moment of their nation. It seemed US-Iranian military conflict was imminent: US aircraft carriers were […]

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Sounds Strange? – It Is

December 2013 – Stuttgart (Germany).  Right now we´re working on our documentary about immortality for the German TV. We have filmed different protagonists around the globe who do not want to die. They all try to achieve radical longevity through different ways. One of them is cryonic: the way to preserve human life with the […]

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THE FLYING ELEPHANT On TV Channel “Russia-Culture”

On Wednesday, December 18th at 10.00 pm a 52-minute documentary “The Flying Elephant – Dynasty Of Sculptors)” produced by our FILM MEDIA with the financial support of the Russian Ministry of Culture will be shown by TV channel “Russia-Culture”. The film portrays Alexander Rukavishnikov, one of the top 30 contemporary sculptors in the world. Many […]

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WW2 Operation Hurricane: Extraordinary Story

On April 25, 2012 at 7:30pm Operation Hurricane was screened on Prime TV of New Zealand to reveal the amazing story of Gynes Ramsbottom-Isherwood who was awarded the Order of Lenin for his exploits in the Second World War and his grand-nephew’s retracing of his journey. Wing Commander Henry Neville Gynes Ramsbottom-Isherwood, from Blenheim, led […]

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International Screenings For Russian Documentaries

Good Russian documentaries do not sell well in Russia, however, some of them are of great demand worldwide. Professional buyers work with Russians using their ideas, creativity, original vision and cultural background. And some enthused Russian filmmakers cooperate with emigrants, who work as promoters or even distributors in their countries. Sergey Zaitsev, director of Moscow-based […]

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