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Welcome to our ultimate source of information for the global audience! It presents a realistic and professional information of the Russian/ex-USSR audiovisual industry.

Our aim is:

  • to showcase Russian/ex-USSR or international related-to-Russia information about audiovisual cream-of-the cream
  • to expand international partnership between professionals of the booming global film/TV/commercial/digital industry
  • to find creative ideas and talents, local crew, equipment and service companies to bring together creative and financial venues which often saves time, efforts and money for our partners or clients
  • to promote the best films, TV product, talents and companies for better understanding and appreciation of the diverse ethnic cultures and lay the bridge between East and West, North and South.

We are supported by our own information websites and entities:

  • Russian film/TV magazine ALL THE SHOWCASE + www.vesprokat.ru (in Russian)
  • Moscow-based Film Commission’s Russian-English www.rusfilmcom.com
  • international gap-financing partner company www.lastinfirstout.eu
  • extensive database of Russian/ex-USSR film/TV industry database of analytic information, contacts, photos, videos, treatments and scripts.

Russia and the CIS cover on the one-sixth territory of the globe and this place is full of amazing talents: producers and directors, writers and photographers, actors and stuntmen, singers and dancers, models and musicians, comedians and technicians, fame-seekers and all kinds of entertainment-industry professionals. We help to find them, showcase their credits, opportunities, links and contacts.

We build international co-production projects, boost festivals, workshops, competitions, create production crews and more.

Welcome onboard to build together partnership and make projects!

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