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R.E.N.T.A.C.A.M.: New Service Center In Moscow

Moscow-based R.E.N.T.A.C.A.M. company has opened one more office in Moscow at the Center of National Film (CNF) to provide services and repairing of film production equipment, plus consulting. This fast-rising company renders a full range of services production services and equipment: cameras, optics, dollies, cranes, light and equipment, generators and supporting equipment. In 2007 R.E.N.T.A.C.A.M. […]

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Monolit Records Expanding

Moscow-based Monolit operates at the Russian audio-video market since 1994. With a good reputation among wellknown owners and manufacturers of music and a video content in Russia/ex-USSR, it has become one of the Russian leading companies now expanding worldwide. Alexey Andrianov, Head of Department in charge of video rights and film production of Monolit- Records, […]

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“Russian Bear” Brings A Smile From The Screen

Moscow-based “Russkii Medved (Russian Bear)” Film Company wraps shooting and editing simultaneously two full-length family comedies Troublemaker and Innocent Creatures. The company tries to mount the wave in production of family comedies, which are of great demand among Russian filmgoers. Its previous family comedy Swindlers by Maria Mahanko was a big festival success with lots […]

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