Russia Launches Foreign Film Production Incentives

Russia launches 40%-cash rebate for international film productions. The law came into effect on November 7, signed by prime minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Conditions. The reimbursement of eligible expenses will cover travel, consular fees, employment of local professionals, film stage rentals etc. if foreign production costs in Russia are at least $235,000 or so for feature films / TV series, at least $59,000 for documentaries and about $78,500 for animation.

The incentive may rise to 40% for films shot in Russia within 19 days, or with $1.2M spent, or with predominant (80%) local crew hired, or if the titles cast positive image of Russia.

Nearly $1m fund is available prior to the turn of this year, $11.7m for 2020 and about $23.5m for 2021.

Rebates will be provided to foreign producers via associated Russian companies in-charge of services from the state-funded Russian Export Center, which operates under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture.

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