RECLAMATION (ESTERDAD), Iranian War Drama Filmed & Screened In Moscow

We didn’t expect this production in Moscow could have been so complicated.

After 8 weeks of hectic pre-production, in late-January 2012 the Iranian crew of 25 from Teheran-based Farabi Cinema Foundation arrived in Moscow – just in the most dramatic moment of their nation.

It seemed US-Iranian military conflict was imminent: US aircraft carriers were closing up in the Persian Gulf at the shooting range of the Iranian border. The Iranian crew was under the stress, worried about their families.

Besides, Iranian banks halted international transactions. A few times the film production was about to stop due to irregular cash-flow. So, twice Russian partners had to ensure a financial support.

Moreover, all along those five weeks the weather was cold with unprecedentedly freezing wind-chill factor. Shooting snowy Moscow locations, incl. The Red Square, or an ex-Soviet anti-nuclear bunker was really something…

For some reason RECLAMATION was released only in late-2013. I contacted Farabi Cinema Foundation and suggested to arrange the film premiere in one of the programs of the forthcoming Moscow International Film Festival.

By the time my idea was approved, another Iranian film was already selected for the Competition program. However, in May RECLAMATION was accepted for “Russian Trace” side-bar program.

RECLAMATION (ESTERDAD),  Iranian War Drama   Filmed & Screened In MoscowOn June 21 and 24 the film was screened at the Festival Center in “October” Mulitplex.

Both times the halls were full. The audience and film critics gave positive reaction about RECLAMATION, however, no festival award was granted.


Now we hope the film will be shown on Russian TV.

Eugene Zykov
President & Founder
Russian Film Commission — Film-Media

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