Our Moscow-based Russian Film Commission is the most experienced veteran company among service production teams. We provide pre- production and production most cost-effective A to Z services for foreign film/TV crews to shoot feature films, documentaries, TV commercials, corporate and music videos, fashion photography in Russia, CIS, or ex-USSR. Our services include:

  • efficient, experienced, globally connected team of professional crews & experts,
  • thourough creative research,
  • budgeting,
  • creative and logistic support,
  • location scouting,
  • entry visas,
  • convenient accomodation & transportation,
  • costumes, sets, props,
  • casting talents,
  • equipment: cameras, rigs, LEDs, drones, cranes, trailers, stunt automobiles etc.
  • permits and licensing,
  • cash rebates
  • consultancy services etc.

We always have positive references for successful collaboration, quick involvement, last minute adjustments and readiness to meet requirements.

Moscow-based FILM-MEDIA LTD was founded by Eugene Zykov in 1992. This information agency has successfully provide PR, analytic, research and consulting services. Later the company has expanded into a FILM COMMISSION – FILM-MEDIA to render location and production services throughout Russia/ex-USSR.

Тel/Fax (+7 495) 686 1888       
Cell: (+7 905) 545 34 14 (via Facetime/Wechat/Viber/WhatsUpp/i-Messenger)

LOCATIONS: All Eugene’s film-friendly old-good and new contacts from Russia and ex-USSR (who live in the one-sixth territory of the globe) may offer an amazing variety of locations.

Even if Eugene could publish a new Britannica-size multi-volume edition about them one can’t mention all of them there.

However, Eugene Zykov uses to mention a multinational variety of beautiful faces – mainly girls and women – who beautify all climatic landscapes which  ever exist on our planet.

Also, lots of locations which look exactly like other traditional/historic cities in the world

  • lookalike channels of Venice in St-Petersburg
  • lookalike Arabic villages in Central Asia,
  • lookalike Hemingway’s Spanish War cities in Southern Crimea,
  • lookalike Harlem or Bronx in the pre-Soviet factories no longer operating but available for film productions in Moscow or in many other Russian cities etc.

Among film professionals Eugene Zykov has become a remarkably positive force in Russian film community, both in domestic and international audiovisual events (festivals, markets, forums) or projects (feature, documentaries, TV commercials and corporate trailers). His work has improved the reputation of the Russian film industry and the working environment for international production companies.

Among the most successful projects were:


Student #1 Dancing Wordwide etc. (India)  
Iranian drama ESTERDAD Iranian drama ESTERDAD shooting on the Red SquareSee details: RECLAMATION (ESTERDAD), Iranian War Drama Filmed & Screened In Moscow
Mission In Moscow (working title) Chinese police action. Staring Jacky Chan and / or Jet Li. Research & location scouting for pre-production was made in Moscow.Production starts presumably in mid-2015. See details »

Documentary Films

Meteorite Men
(Season Three)
in Russia 
for Science Channel
geoff-brenham-SCOOPWikiTVOvermind100US Meteorite Hunters in Russia  
What Happened Here (Trotsky)
by Rob Nilsson IMDb
Tony Braxton: Kremlin Palace Concert   Tony Braxton: Kremlin Palace Concert

New Zealand documentary

WW2: WW2: Kiwi Wing Commander And Soviet Pilots Fighting Nazis   for NZ Prime TV

See details: Operation Hurricane: Extraordinary Story

German documentary about immortality filmed in Moscow

There is already ample reason to bring productions to Russia, as many int’l productions have already proven:

  1. Broad variety of locations – rich diversity of landscapes and cityscapes can add authenticity and production value to your project.
  2. Extensive, skilled cast and crew pool.
  3. Eugene Zykov’s creativity and excellent contacts make production costs significantly lower – enough to more than make up for the incentives.
Eugeny Zykov

Eugene Zykov

So, don’t let tax incentive numbers be the only yardstick in your location decision. Do yourself a favor and give Russia a closer look.We make sure the work is done on time and on budget.

Contact: Eugene Zykov
Founder, President

Тel/Fax (+7 495) 686 1888       Cell: (+7 905) 545 34 14
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  1. aram salih says:

    Hi im aram salih I am profossional an actor and wrestler live in moscow have part job at theatre and workd in serial in moscow i have good skills for any kind of movie action or even drama will be honesr to get job form you thanks .

  2. Hello,
    this is Seunghoon Hahm from South Korea.
    I’m a TV producer in a company named Studio Dragon, producing TV drama series,

    We’re in the middle of casting and have a great interest in Korea-Russian actress Elena Ahn(ЕЛЕНА АН).
    I believe she’s currently working in Russia, and there’s no way we could get her contact.
    So it’d be a great help if you could provide us with her contact.
    Phone number, email address, anything will do.

    Thanks you so much for reading this.

  3. Hello,

    I am writing from a festival called my name is Christine MacSween I am one of the Producers.

    Please can you help I am trying to find out who owns the rights/licence/ distribution for showing in a public lecture the following works.

    The event would be free and part of a Micro Film Festival taking place 15 – 20 October 2015.

    Fox and Rabbit – Yuri Norstein – Soyuzmultfilm – 1973 – 12min
    Island – Fyodor Khitruk – Soyuzmultfilm – 1973 10min
    Heron and Crane – Yuri Norstein – Soyuzmultfilm – 1974 – 10min
    Ograblenie po franzuski – Yefim Gamburg – 1978 – 8min
    There once was a dog – Edurd Nazarov – Soyuzmultfilm – 1982 – 10min
    Martinko – Edouard Nazarov – Soyuzmultfilm – 1987 – 10min

    Are you able to help? Any help would be much appreciated.

    Kind regards

    Christine MacSween

  4. Eugene Zykov says:

    Hi Richard, have you got the grant to shoot the film? If so, pls email me at ez@russianfilm/biz Best, Eugene Zykov, Founder, CEO Russian Film Commission

  5. Dear Russian Film Commission Representative

    I have written a historical novel series that I believe would be ideal for Russian Film Commission funding. You can read about the series at my website ( I think the time is perfect for me to apply for a grant so that I can make the series into big-screen movies or a TV mini-series. The reasons include the facts that readers of the series are clamoring for the series to be put on film, it would create a number of good paying jobs for fellow Americans, and it would serve as a baseline for future series to be put on film.

    To put my series on film, I hereby apply for a grant so that I can make a 2-3 minute sizzle reel of the first novel in the series (“Footsteps to Forever: A Wold War II Thriller”) for submission to proposed producers. The cost of the reel will be between $10,000 and $25,000 depending on what must be done to complete the reel.

    There are a number of aspects that make the series unique. There is a heroine who is a key player throughout the four novels in the series. The survivors, both on the Allied side and the German side, are taken clear up to senior citizen status by including novels on Post World War II Europe, the Korean War era, and Vietnam, Desert Storm, and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Finally, great history is in the series by having American Presidents from FDR through George Herman Walker Bush included along with other powerhouses such as Winston Churchill. All of these factors make the series very unique.

    Please let me know if I can furnish anything else to help you make your decision.


    Richard S. Baty

    6620 Vista Del Monte NE

    Albuquerque, NM 87109-3950


  6. jooyoung rey says:

    We are getting ready to shoot a film in korea and are looking for an actress to fill the lead role. Pre-production is moving fast and we need to bring over an actress immediate over to South Korea. Please assist us.

  7. Ave Anniste says:

    Dear Mr Eugene Zykov,

    I am contacting you from Tartu Centre for Creative Industries (Estonia). We are a relatively young but already well established and internationally recognized organisation specialised on the field of creative industries. Our activities include business incubation but also organization of various events to promote cultural and creative industries. Our special interest lies in new technologies, particulary 3D and stereoscopic film. Next year, we are going to start a festival of short films in 3D in our centre and we are currently looking for partners. Can you suggest any school, university or company from Russia that might be interested in cooperating with us as well as have a certain level in 3D programming, animation or the like? I have surfed the Internet for several days but this has not brought the desired results. Therefore, any contact information would be highly appreciated.
    I will be looking forward to your answer.

    Thank you very much for your attention!

    With best regards,

    Ave Anniste
    Tartu Centre for Creative Industries

  8. Patrick Flenniken says:

    I am looking for a Russian producer to take a look at a project titled “LENIN”. It is a biopic about the former bolshevik revolutionary leader. The screenplay has won several awards in the United States. I am looking to start a conversation with some filmmakers and producers who have ties in Russia. You can contact me by email or by my U.S. number 210-778-7097.

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