Eugene Zykov, Publisher, Editor

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Eugene Zykov

With over 20 year experience behind the shoulders in film industry both in Russia and worldwide Eugene Zykov is a creative producer of over 20 Russian films. He also coordinated a dozen of international film productions in Russia, as well as promoted nearly 40 Russian/ex-USSR films worldwide at major global film festivals.

Eugene started his career as an interpreter. He speaks fluent English, Italian, a little French and Japanese. Later he became a journalist, worked in the US. He was a free-lance writer, salesman and database researcher for such US, UK and Japanese major film magazines and guides as Variety Film Guide, KEMPS Int’l Producers Film Guide, Moving Pictures, Television Eastern Europe, Movie/TV Marketing.  In mid-2000s he also published his Russian-English language magazine ALL THE SHOWCASE+ which for the years was an essential source of information for film/TV/DVD industry professionals  (now in web format – and

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2 Responses to Eugene Zykov, Publisher, Editor

  1. Marjan Marbouti says:

    Dear Mr. Zykov
    You sent me one massage in wayn 2month ago. I answered you but you don’t replay me.
    I am waiting for getting a inform from you.
    Marjan Marbouti at Amirkabir University of Technology , Tehran, Iran
    PhD student

  2. September 14, 2013

    Mr. Eugene Zykov
    Founder, President
    Russian Film Commission

    Mr. Zykov,

    I would like to be hired for work on productions in Russia.
    I can also travel worldwide for a job(s).

    I have experience in office and set (film, television and music) work; travel arrangements; staff management; event coordination and general clerical duties.

    I will relocate temporarily or permanently.

    Thanks for your time and consideration.

    Shawn D. Jackson
    (520) 979-7324 Cellular
    United States of America

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