R.E.N.T.A.C.A.M.: New Service Center In Moscow

Michael Mukasey

Michael Mukasey

Moscow-based R.E.N.T.A.C.A.M. company has opened one more office in Moscow at the Center of National Film (CNF) to provide services and repairing of film production equipment, plus consulting.

This fast-rising company renders a full range of services production services and equipment: cameras, optics, dollies, cranes, light and equipment, generators and supporting equipment. In 2007 R.E.N.T.A.C.A.M. was hired for more than 60 full-length features, including major Russian film projects and over 500 TV commercials in 2007.

“We keep growing, and it’s quite logical to open one more office at one of major film studios in Moscow”, – says Michael Mukasey, the owner of company R.E.N.T.A.C.A.M – “Here, we can offer our best equipment, render technical support or consulting with our professional engineers”.

R.E.N.T.A.C.A.M. is rapidly expanding its potential with new generators, lighting equipment etc. Its office also operates in St-Petersburg and a new one is opened in Kiev (the capital of Ukraine).

Today R.E.N.T.A.C.A.M offers:

  • Cameras: ARRICAM ST, ARRICAM LT 35mm, ARRI 435 XTR 35mm, ARRI 235 35mm, ARRI 16 SR3 16mm, ARRI 416 16mm, BETACAM DVM 970 and rapid Weisscam HS-1 up to 1200 frames per second.
  • Optics: Cooke S4i, LDS Ultra Prime, Ultra Primes, Variable Prime, Master Prime, Angenieux Optimo 24-290mm, Cooke 15-40mm.
  • Light: Arrimax 12 (18 КW), Daylight Plus 12 (18 KW), Arrisun 120 (12 KW), Arrisun 40 I 25 (40 I 2,5 KW), Dedolight 400 W, Dino, Space Light 5 KW (c management)
  • Generators: from 50 to 100 KW Dollies: Magnum Dolly, Sprinter Dolly, Mini Skater, Panther Dolly
  • Cranes: Including Moviebird 30, Supertechno ST30

Besides, T-Rex and Ronford F7, Avid Adrenaline post-production center are available as well.

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