Monolit Records Expanding

Moscow-based Monolit operates at the Russian audio-video market since 1994. With a good reputation among wellknown owners and manufacturers of music and a video content in Russia/ex-USSR, it has become one of the Russian leading companies now expanding worldwide.

Alexey Andrianov, Head of Department in charge of video rights and film production of Monolit-
Records, attended international film markets in Berlin and Cannes this year. Now he plans expanding partnership in the
US during AFM in Santa Monica (CA). He has shared his views in an exclusive interview.

Monolit-Records is a big division of Monolit group of companies. The holding also comprises Monolit trading company, Monolit audio products factory, Maxim Fadeev Production, Gaspar Arneri company (JSC with Russia’s «First Channel»), «2M» music market magazine, a recording studio, а CD-DVD factory, a branch office in Ukraine etc.

Our company is a link between artists and producers on one hand, music or cinema and fans on the other, contributing to creation and distribution of audio/video products in demand. We now expand in releasing finished or (co)producing new films and music/TV programs, soundtracks for films, TV series or programs.

The company also manufactures music/videos, distributes and sells DVD, CD, MP3 multimedia products (computer games, audio books, educational and computer software, etc.), buys and sells rights for music and audiovisual product, films, programs, etc. in Russia/ex-USSR.

We have one of the largest client and distribution network in more than 50 regions of Russia. With our trading company (a major wholesaler of audio and video products in Russia) we also provide regular shipments to Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, and Kazakhstan.

Among our clients there are major specialized networks, foreign retail networks and wholesale traders. And our clients are provided with detailed sales reports in due time.

Partnership at AFM

We run many projects with Russian and international music. Its employees deliver audio/video product to major retail networks in Russia and exports audio/video product/rights worldwide, supports music/video projects in Russia/CIS/worldwide, runs many concerts.

The whole structure allows to minimize expenses when transferring the projects, to speed up realization, simplify agreements, guarantee legal purity and safeguard information.

We take on perspective projects at any point of their realization and build up partnership with artists and rights olders. One of the basic principles of Monolit is maximum transparency and complete legality of products. We do not support piracy and pin a big hope for development of legal market in Russia.

We actively contribute to this with our business partners, State and public organizations.

Monolit-Records is a Russian label wellknown for many successful projects. Its production center is experienced in cooperation anytime from A to Z, in minimizing costs, speeding up the process, making bureaucratic procedures easy with legal guarantees and safety.

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