«No One But Us»

…He is a cameraman who provides “hot spot” footage always in time. But suddenly he falls in love – shortly before his routine trip to a military conflict area.

She was not like other women. She knows well and forgives him that he had to take this trip and give no promises…

It’s a full-length feature about the power of love.

It’s a powerful dramatic story about secret military operations in Tadjikistan in early 1990-s waged for 6 years with Russian special troops involved. Not very many military historians were informed about it.

The film was shot in Moscow, in the Crimea and in Tadjikistan.

Director Sergei Govorukhin
Script by Sergei Govorukhin with Antonida Tropinina and Sergei Sharkhel (based on Govorukhin’s namesake novel).
D.O.P. Sergey Zubikov, Ilya Dyomin.
Starring: Sergey Shnyrev, Maria Mironova, Sergey Makhovikov, Jury Beljaev
Producers Sergei Govorukhin, Boris Rotenberg
Produced by Production Center “Return: 20th Century” with support of Russia’s Ministry of Culture (Motion Pictures Dpt), Moscow Area Government and Defense Ministry of Russia.
Sales: Production Center “Return: 20th Century”
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