Director, producer Sergei Govorukhin

Sergei Govorukhin

Sergei Govorukhin

Documentary «Cursed And Forgotten» (1998) was awarded with Nika (a top Russian film award (1998), Grand-Prix of Russia’s Festival of Documentary Films.

Documentary «Composition on the Fading Topic» (2001) co-produced by Production Center “Return: 20th Century” and Mosfilm.

Film-concerts «Recall Us, Russia» (2003), «No One But Us»(2004), «Those Who Are Dead And Alive» (2005).


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  1. David Vine says:

    “My Mother Died Last Night,” a 95-minute documentary a la “Forrest Gump without the comedy” is nearing completion and I am exploring the Russia market/audience potential. The doc explores grief, guilt and suspicion and incorporates Russian ancestry. It is historical/autobiographical work spanning a 50 year history of East-West relations.

    Do you believe this might appeal to a Russian audience?

  2. Gary Deshotel says:

    To whom it may concern: My name is Gary and iam trying to find the exterior of this building in the movie called The Jackal which was released in 1997 starring Bruce Willis and Directred by Michael Canton Jones. The filming location iam looking for is a yellow and white are yellow and gold and in the movie the building is called the U.S. Embassy.Can you tell me the name of this building are the cross streets so i can find this on google maps??? This is my favorite movie. Im coming to Moscow this coming summer. I cant waite. I hope u can help me are pass my eamil addres to someone that can help. If you cant help can you at least send me an email letting me know you cant help me??? Thank you for your time. I need your email address so i can send you a picture of the building iam trying to find

  3. I would like to contact a producer / film director in Russia who would be interested in a scenario that presents the story of Victor Serge, a renowned Russian writer in the French literature and friend of Trotsky and about Vlady, a renowned painter in Mexico.
    Those two historic figures had  extraordinary lives : from the Russian révolution to the Gulag (Orenburg) to the Spanish civil war, the Second World War and the renaissance of the Latin American culture in the 1950.
    Could you suggest a filmmaker that could be interested?
    Thank you for passing on this request.

  4. […] It’s a powerful dramatic story about secret military operations in Tadjikistan in early 1990-s waged for 6 years with Russian special troops involved […]

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