Disney CIS Launched Film Production in Russia

March, 2008 ::: Disney CIS launches production of two Russian family movies with Russian characters and based on Russian books for distribution in Russia/CIS, or, if lucky, internationally as well.

Russian writers now keep working on the scripts. Then the dialogs will be trimmed in Hollywood. Meanwhile Disney CIS will select the local film crews, including directors, actors etc. Both projects are
under full control by US producers, executive producers and supervisors.

Disney CIS is quite optimistic about it. They were inspired by box-offices records of last Pirates of Caribbean Sea, which collected $30 mln. (a record for a foreign blockbuster in Russia), and amazing success of two Russian films The Twist of Fate. Part 2 (over $50 million) and The Best film (nearly $27 mln).

Certainly, Disney will finance a strong PR campaign on TV and will print many film copies.

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