TV Channel broadcasted documentary filmed in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

Singapore. TV Channel U broadcasted 45-min documentary Fixer S2线人2 – EP10 we had filmed with Singaporean crew in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. 

This unusual account of the Dungans’ lifestyle caused curiosity and surprise among TV viewers in Singapore: this ethnic minority of Chinese Muslims settled in the-then Tsarist Russia about 140 years ago and still keep their traditions in the Dungan villages of the Central Asia.

A group of people in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, who speaks the ancient Shaanxi and Gansu dialects, called themselves the Dungan. They have settled down in the foreign land and influenced by the fortright nature of the horse-backed nation. Let’s us take a look at the culture and life of the Dungan.


You can see a short trailer…

… or full movie in chinese

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