Russian Film Industry: The Time for a New Reality

Despite the ups and downs of global politics, Russia seems ready to wrench the door open to new international partners. The West is welcome, and inspired not only by traditional hospitality, but also by a hidden fear (from both sides) for the return to the years of the Iron Curtain.

More and more European and US producers are bringing their projects to Russia to launch international co­productions. Some of them even ask for locations which double for Europe or the USA to minimize the budget and avoid extra travel­-and­-shoots.

Also, importantly, they are ready to invest more and request less money back from Russian partners / co­producers even despite the fact that the number of Russian currency billionaires has doubled during the recent world crisis.

Indeed, now it’s a lot cheaper for foreign companies in Russia if they’re willing to take the risk. Their interest in co­productions in Russia was sparked by the record high exchange rate of US dollar and the Euro against the Russian ruble. Definitely, it is a positive factor for international productions. However, the main reason is: Russia reveals a new reality.

In fact, this reality is not so long forgotten in Russia. For several generations all Russians have lived according to the motto: “IT’S BETTER TO HAVE A 100 FRIENDS THAN A 100 RUBLES”.  In fact, the Soviet people survived after the devastation of WWI, the Civil War and WWII by mainly being patriotic, united (“friends­in­need”), and amazingly creative and not materialistic. And later, before  the collapse of the Soviet Union in those romantic times our people were open to give a generous support to each other and, specially, to a western guest.

So, welcome to a new Russian reality…

Eugene Zykov
President & Founder
Russian Film Commission ­­ Film­Media (Moscow, Russia)
Publisher & Editor of ALL THE SHOWCASE+ film magazine
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